The government is considering raising the prices of entry «Zoo» .. And plans to create the largest park in the Middle East

Considering the government, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture, raising the prices of entry fees Giza Zoo and zoos in the governorates, to 3 pounds instead of two pounds now, in order to increase the revenues of the park to contribute to the development plan adopted by Dr. Ayman Farid Ibouhdid, Minister of Agriculture, while going to study the establishment of Zoo in a new desert road.

Sources of high-level Ministry of Agriculture, that the plan of the development of the zoo relies on reducing the accumulation of animals in the park and improve their health and food according to international standards approved by FIFA and the African zoos.

Previously Minister of Agriculture rejected the proposals made by the Central Administration for zoos, that is increase the price of admission fees to 4 pounds during Fridays and Sundays and public holidays, and taking into account the social dimension of the low-income, despite pressure from the international organizations concerned with animal welfare and organization of work in zoos and which requires the need to reduce the increasinظg number of visitors to the gardens to prevent nuisance animals.
In a related development, The Ministry of Agriculture, to establish a new park for the animal on an area of ??200 acres in the way (Cairo - Alexandria) Desert, are implemented in accordance with international standards on the gardens, animals, and whose primary function is to reduce the density of the number of animals Zoo Giza and the benefit of the citizens of the Delta, and contribute to the reduction of congestion in the area of ??Giza.

Al «Egyptian today» The new park will be the largest in the Middle East, and contribute to the return of leadership Egypt in zoos in accordance with international standards, while the sources of high-level Ministry of Agriculture, that the investment cost expected for the garden the new up for more than 3 billion pounds, indicating that the government is considering to start an international campaign to collect donations for the park, park planning and the assignment of the Office of an international consultant specializing in the design of zoos with the expertise of the International Federation in the implementation of the project.

Agriculture is the new designs for the development of the zoo

Said Dr. Fatima Tamam, President of the Central Administration for zoos, it is the preparation of drawings and designs required for the establishment of a new home for everyone forest and other animals, zoo Giza, after consulting experts of the International Federation of Zoos and the African Union to zoos in the place to be the establishment of the new house which .

She said in a press statement today that the completion of the establishment of the new house will be within the coming months, with the knowledge of Egyptian professionals and implement engineering workshops Giza Zoo.

In the same context, Giza Zoo dedicated the three animals from the forest to human eye Zoo, United Arab Emirates, within the framework of the ongoing efforts of the General Authority for Veterinary Services to preserve the wildlife.

New home of the Giza Zoo gorilla

The zoo is currently under the care of Dr. Ayman Abou Hadid, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation to prepare drawings and designs for the establishment of a new home for the orangutans conform with the specifications and international standards, after consulting experts in both the International Association of Zoos and the African Union to zoos.

This was announced by Dr. Fatima entirely Head of Central Department of Zoos and wildlife conservation in the General Authority for Veterinary Services.
And said it will be completed by the establishment of the new house within the next few months by the competent Egyptian engineering and implementation of workshops zoo in Giza.

Choose a new president of the Giza Zoo

Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Garhy Chairman of the General Authority for Veterinary Services was commissioned by Dr. Fatima fully zoo director to carry out the Head of Central Department for zoos, succeeding Dr. Nabil Sedky on reaching the retirement age, stressing that he was nominated by Dr. Tammam to fill the position formally after the decision of the cabinet so .

The Zoo at Giza saw yesterday evening celebration honoring Dr. Nabil Sedky Head of Central Department for zoos.

Said Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Garhy that Dr. Sedky able to develop within 3 years of the zoo as it was for his role in the re-selection of a representative of Egypt, the continent of Africa CITES Convention.

He added that Garhy Sedky also contributed in Egypt to be a member representing the continent of Africa in the working group between the Alliot that any PHP and CITES.

He pointed to the president of the Veterinary Services that there are efforts being made by veterinarians either zoo or the Authority for environmental awareness and promote education center and environmental awareness as well as in the search field, record and follow-up of migratory birds across northern Sinai and also to monitor the import and export of species of animals of different land and adjust the irregularities

Foreign experts to develop the Giza Zoo

The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation to form a committee of the Central Department of Zoos and a number of international experts to begin implementation of a plan to develop a zoo in Giza according to the criteria approved by the International Federation of Zoos, known as a shortcut to wazza.

This began with a number of experts from the African Union of Zoos official visit to Egypt on Monday for an initial idea about the development plan for the zoo.

It is scheduled to offer the vision and proposals for the final development plan to the Engineer Amin Abaza, Minister of Agriculture in March in preparation for the adoption and approval of the Council of Ministers to set a timetable for the development of the park.

Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Garhi Chairman of the General for Veterinary Services in a press statement «Egyptian today» It has the possibility of hiring an international South Africa «Bernard Harrison», which is of international experts in the field of re-design and development of zoos in accordance with international standards, pointing out that the plan designed to revitalize the historic park and make it a tourist site for both Egyptian citizens or foreign tourists.

The Garhi that the plan include the review of shelters animals and methods of care according to international standards on this matter as well as an outline of the areas of green garden takes into account the diversity of plant in Egypt in coordination with the houses of international experience and local re-park to its international status as a member of the International Federation of Zoos.

For his part, Dr. Nabil Sedki adviser Chief of Staff for zoos, according to the development plan will be reviewed arrange shelters for animals, birds, and controls the interaction of the pioneers of the park with animals and prohibiting foods human animals and to prevent harassed, and the development of intensive programs to detect the periodic state of health of zoo animals in coordination with international well-known in the field of veterinary care of wild animals, as well as to check the prices entering the zoo.

He added that the visit of the delegation of experts of the African Union for zoos led by Dave Morgan, Executive Director of the Union aims to identify potential development in the park and to identify the problems of geographical them to achieve the lifting of the efficient use of human factors and natural park, and to develop mechanisms to reduce the density of the number of visitors to the park as one of the international standards for the classification of gardens animal world, through the review of prices to enter the garden

Giza Zoo receives six giraffes next week

To arrive in Cairo next week six giraffes from South Africa to be attached to the animals displayed in the Giza Zoo, which was lacking the presence of the giraffes for a long time.
A team of experts surgery wild animals from South Africa and Cairo, who is currently conducting several operations, including treatment and take off a fierce fangs of an animal, Mr. Cream, for each deviation from the path of normal growth and the presence of annular deformation of others.
Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Garhi head of the public veterinary services that a group of experts surgery veterinarian will during the visit Sterilize four black to prevent them from multiplying as the number of black garden 142 Asda, costing the park millions of pounds annually peer and meals of meat offered to the lions, where deals with Assad approximately seven kilometers grams of meat per day from the municipality of fresh meat and some meat from the other donkeys.

He said the delegation's visit Garhi Veterinary Surgery is part of the implementation plan to develop zoos and in the framework of cooperation with the African Union of Zoos in South Africa.

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