The government is considering raising the prices of entry «Zoo» .. And plans to create the largest park in the Middle East

Considering the government, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture, raising the prices of entry fees Giza Zoo and zoos in the governorates, to 3 pounds instead of two pounds now, in order to increase the revenues of the park to contribute to the development plan adopted by Dr. Ayman Farid Ibouhdid, Minister of Agriculture, while going to study the establishment of Zoo in a new desert road.

Sources of high-level Ministry of Agriculture, that the plan of the development of the zoo relies on reducing the accumulation of animals in the park and improve their health and food according to international standards approved by FIFA and the African zoos.

Previously Minister of Agriculture rejected the proposals made by the Central Administration for zoos, that is increase the price of admission fees to 4 pounds during Fridays and Sundays and public holidays, and taking into account the social dimension of the low-income, despite pressure from the international organizations concerned with animal welfare and organization of work in zoos and which requires the need to reduce the increasinظg number of visitors to the gardens to prevent nuisance animals.
In a related development, The Ministry of Agriculture, to establish a new park for the animal on an area of ??200 acres in the way (Cairo - Alexandria) Desert, are implemented in accordance with international standards on the gardens, animals, and whose primary function is to reduce the density of the number of animals Zoo Giza and the benefit of the citizens of the Delta, and contribute to the reduction of congestion in the area of ??Giza.

Al «Egyptian today» The new park will be the largest in the Middle East, and contribute to the return of leadership Egypt in zoos in accordance with international standards, while the sources of high-level Ministry of Agriculture, that the investment cost expected for the garden the new up for more than 3 billion pounds, indicating that the government is considering to start an international campaign to collect donations for the park, park planning and the assignment of the Office of an international consultant specializing in the design of zoos with the expertise of the International Federation in the implementation of the project.

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